CDM Pekao SA Securities

Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A. (CDM Pekao SA Securities) is one of the largest brokers on the home equities market and is part of the Pekao Group.

CDM Pekao SA Securities offers investment products for the individual customers.

With our support they can open an investment account and trade on Warsaw Stock Exchange and other 20 foreign markets. Apart from that they can choose from ca. 150 investments funds and other financial products we have in our offer like shares, bonds, futures and options.

For the customers who deal actively at the stock exchange market we have a customised offer and support of the dedicated staff.

For more information on this offer please contact:

Paweł Kochut, tel. +48 (22) 821 88 09, e-mail:

Managment Board of CDM Pekao SA Securities:

Piotr Teleon - President of Management Board
Katarzyna Burek - Member of Management Board

Head Office address:

Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao SA

18 Woloska Str., 02-675 Warszawa


CDM24 is a service dedicated to those who are interested in investing in capital market products. CDM24 gives you a safe access to your investment account and also enables you to easily manage your portfolio via the Internet and Telephone 7 days a week and twenty-four hours a day. This service may be combined with making operations on the account held with Bank Pekao S.A. via the Pekao24 service.


CDMInternet service gives you full access to information on your investment accounts and offers a wide range of functions. Thanks to it you can manage your investment accounts quickly and easily. The service is provided in Polish and in English.

Operating on the investment account via CDMInternet guarantees:

  • easy and safe access to the investment account via the Internet,
  • lower commissions on orders placed at Client Service Points or via TeleCDM,
  • possibility to view Stock Exchange quotations from the level of SDIG (Stock Exchange Information Distribution System), including free access to one offer of purchase and sale for all financial instruments in real time,
  • access to reports of the Polish Press Agency.

 CDMInternet enables the clients to:

  • place buy/sell orders for broker-traded financial instruments,
  • cancel buy/sell orders for broker-traded financial instruments,
  • place and cancel orders in foreign markets,
  • subscribe for securities in a public offer,
  • convert bonds if permitted by the terms and conditions of the issue,
  • transfer money from a cash account to a specified bank account owned or co-owned by the Client,
  • manage fixed transfers from an investment account to the earlier specified bank account owned or co-owned by the Client,
  • update information on the Client (address for correspondence, telephone number to call the Client back, telephone number to send the Client SMS messages and e-mail address),
  • block and unblock broker-traded financial instruments that serve as a margin securing performance of obligations arising from derivatives,
  • draw and repay a loan for purchase of securities,
  • submit instructions to exercise index participation units,
  • have a constant access to information on assets and history of accounts at CDM Pekao SA.

Technical assistance of the CDMInternet system

801 110 502

for domestic calls made from fixed-line phones 

Cost - rate for one billing unit

22 591 25 95

for international calls and calls made from mobile phones

Cost of call - charged according to the telecommunications operator's rates




801 140 490*

22 591 24 90**

*(opłata za jeden impuls)

**(opłata wg cennika operatora)